See Change is a group online financial planning & coaching program built around three tenets:

Professional Support

We believe everyone needs the guidance of a financial professional who is sitting on your side of the table. You will be assigned a financial coach to help you put together your financial plan, know your financial situation, and help you navigate questions you didn’t even know to ask.

Having a financial professional on your team is how wealthy people stay wealthy. We know the rules so you don’t have to. Professional financial advice is usually expensive and prices out the rest of us, but it doesn’t have to be and at See Change, it’s part of our core values to make sure you have a professional on your side.

All of our coaches have either the Certified Financial Planner™ or Accredited Financial Counselor™ designation.Your coach serves as your planner, adviser, cheerleader, and confidant. Use your financial coach as the buffer between you and any major (or even minor!) financial decision you have to make so you can be prepared to make the best of any financial situation.

Education & Implementation

Getting advice is one thing, getting it done is a game changer.

  1. EDUCATION COURSES YOU CAN’T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE – when you look at personal finance from a lens of racial economic inclusion, it’s not your typical education content. You’ll learn the historical context behind why things work the way they do and how you can navigate it, take control, and mentally and emotionally be prepared for whatever comes your way.

    You’ll have instant access  education courses, ranging from budgeting, saving, additional income, career, credit and debt, insurance, investing, estate planning, and taxes. You’ll get a comprehensive financial education to make sure you can put together a comprehensive financial plan.

  2. LIVE MASTERMIND SESSIONS – these sessions are designed to make sure you are able to implement all the advice and education you get and give you the space to stay accountable to your goals. You’ll get a chance to do tasks people tend to get stuck on, like how to open an investment account, get an insurance quote, create a debt pay down plan, optimize your bank account set up, and more!
  3. LIVE 1-1 OFFICE HOURS – twice a month, a financial coach will hold 1-1 office hours sessions so you can have deeper conversations or get more personalized help with whatever you feel is holding you back. You’ll be able to schedule time or just “walk in.” We encourage members to meet with a financial coach at least a few times a year, even if (or especially if!) you’re not sure what to ask or what to do next.

Community and Big Picture Thinking

We have a lot to learn from each other and a lot to unlearn from the systems we’ve been living in. Every month, we hold live community conversation so we can give space for us to unpack conversations that go beyond our personal finances, discuss racial economic inclusion, and help us see our lives in a different light. Conversations include:

  • The racial wealth divide and you
  • Tax tips for not wealthy people
  • Building habits in uninhabitable situations
  • How POC have to play the debt game differently
  • The difference between surviving and thriving
  • How to use homeownership to build generational wealth
  • POC’s complicated relationship with the insurance industry
  • how we’re left out investment game and how to get in it
  • Aligning your spending with your values, the advertising game
  • Living a healthy lifestyle as a POC
  • Why do you want to build generational wealth
  • Habits hiding behind generational poverty & genetic memory

What to expect

– When you first sign up –


You’ll go through two orientation courses to help you navigate the technology we use so you can start to get your finances organized and to help you understand your current financial mindset so you’ll be mentally and emotionally prepared to talk about your finances.

Meet your financial coach

You’ll schedule a 1-1 session with your financial coach as soon as you finish the orientation courses. In the meantime, you can start browsing courses, engage with other members, and join a live session.

Put together your See Change playbook

You and your financial coach will create a See Change playbook, where you’ll have a clear list of all your tasks, along with recommended education courses to check out and live sessions to attend.

– Every Month –

Join the Conversation

We’d love it if you made time for the community conversations every month, but if not, we record every session and encourage you to share your ideas, experiences, and wins with the community.

Get sh*t done

Join mastermind sessions and sign up for 1-1 office hours so you can finally cross some big financial things off your list and do it all with the support of a financial professional and the confidence that you’re getting it done right.

Stay accountable

Part of the reason we require a minimum 12 month commitment is because we know your financial life ebbs and flows. Financial progress is not linear and we want to be with you for all the ups and downs and help you bounce back.

We’ll Put All the Financial Pieces Together

Financial planning isn’t just about investments or budgeting. It’s about it’s about getting to the root of what you really value and learning how to use money as a tool to help you reach your goals and live your best life. Here’s how we’ll do it:


Know exactly how much you’re making and spending each month and be able to plan where you want it to go.


Whether you want to build side income to supplement your current income or create a plan for starting your own business and working for yourself, we’ll talk about how to build multiple streams of income.


No more guessing how much you can put away each month and where to put it. Know much to put towards savings and streamline your bank accounts.


You will learn how to review and analyze your credit score/report so you know exactly how to increase your score over the next 1-2 years and be in a good position to reach big goals.


Should you do a balance transfer? Consolidate? How do you manage student loans? What are your best options are for paying down debt while still saving?


Should you be contributing to your 401k? Traditional or Roth? How much should you start investing each month? What should you invest in?


Are you maximizing your current tax situation? What can you deduct as an employee or freelancer? Are you letting the government borrow too much of your money?


We’ll go over your health, life, disability, home/renters/auto insurance, oh my! We’ll make sure the assets you’ve built are properly protected.


We’ll talk about what will happen (to your money) when you die. Do you need Will? Health care proxy? Power of Attorney? All of the above? Are your beneficiaries listed correctly?

A Few Things to Note

This is not an online course.

Or video series, or recorded webinar, or self-study program, or any other thing that you can “do on your own time” and have “lifetime access” to (which usually means you never get it done). The education courses are jumping off point for action and conversation. We have live sessions

We will be meeting online twice per month and you will have homework to get done each month. We expect you to commit to attending these meetings for yourself and your cohort.

This is not a 30 days road to riches, quick fix, or magic bullet.

Unpacking your financial habits and financial mindset and facing the hard shit will take time, energy, and reflection. As you work through any feelings of shame, embarrassment, or fear you have around money, we will be actively replacing them with habits and actions that will move you closer to financial clarity. We ask that you commit to See Change for at least 12 months.

This is not a limited time offer, only 24 hours left to buy, better sign up now before it’s too late.

Sign up because you’re ready to commit, not because there’s a countdown clock. If the timing isn’t right for you, that’s okay. Giving energy to your finances and all the baggage that comes with it isn’t easy or a decision you should make lightly. But also understand that being ready to commit doesn’t mean you won’t feel nervous or scared or that you won’t have setbacks. It means you’re ready to go through the process, challenges and all, with your whole heart and open mind.

Let’s Talk Pricing


$50/month per person if you make $50k or less + $1/month for every additional $1k you make (i.e. if you make $67k, you pay $67/month)

$75/month per couple if combined income is $75k or less + $1/month for every additional $1k you make


COUPLES PLEASE NOTE: use combined household income for rate. Please include both of your incomes even if only one of you will be attending the sessions. This is a compliance requirement as we will be advising on joint assets/debt. You will also both be listed on the financial planning agreement.

IF YOU ARE SELF EMPLOYED: Use the total before tax/before deductions income you’ve made this year, not adjusted gross income (this monthly payment is tax deductible, woot!)

By making it sliding scale, we ensure that everyone has access to financial planning, regardless of their financial situation. (To give you an idea of what financial planning like this normally costs, 1-1 Brunch & Budget rates start at $199/month and go up from there.)

Listen. We know what we’re asking you to give up.

Paying this monthly subscription might mean one less date night, or one less coffee a day, one less shopping trip, one less video game, one less pedicure a month.

We know every dollar counts and we know your time is precious. WE understand what is at stake. What if you do this and nothing changes? What if this doesn’t work?

We can’t make any guarantees (literally, it’s illegal for us to make any guarantees as a Registered Investment Adviser!), but what we can tell you is that we’ve coached hundreds of people and know the work it takes to change your financial situation.

That feeling when you know exactly where your money is going every month, that your investments are in the right place, that you’re paying down your debt and growing your savings, that you can quit your job and be okay next month, that the wealth you’ve created is protected, this is what we will be building together. This is what is at stake.

Still Have Questions? Our Frequently Thought Questions May Help.