We are beyond excited that you are joining See Change!

Make sure to visit the How It Works page and the FTQ’s if you still have questions before you join. Below we go over how pricing works and will have you complete a short application along with your payment plan.

Let’s Talk Pricing

We’ve thought a lot about how to price See Change to make sure it’s affordable and accessible, but so we can also provide the value and service you need to, well, see change 🙂

By making the pricing sliding scale, we ensure that everyone has access to financial planning, regardless of their financial situation.

Your monthly rate also changes based on how your financial situation changes – if you make less money, the rate goes down, if you make more money, the rate goes up. This way, we can be a support system for you in any financial situation you find yourself in.



$50/month per person (if you make $50k or less) + $1/month for every additional $1k you make

$75/month per couple (if combined income is $75k or less) + $1/month for every additional $1k you make


COUPLES PLEASE NOTE: use combined household income for rate. Please include both of your incomes even if only one of you will be attending the sessions. This is a compliance requirement as we will be advising on joint assets/debt. You will also both be listed on the financial planning agreement.

IF YOU ARE SELF EMPLOYED: Use the total before tax/before deductions income you’ve made this year, not adjusted gross income (this monthly payment is tax deductible, woot!)

(To give you an idea of what financial planning like this normally costs, 1-1 Brunch & Budget rates start at $199/month and go up from there.)