Why We’re Doing This.

See Change was originally called Dead Day Job Army, which started as a hashtag and call to action by our former station manager, TastyKeish, who founded and runs Bondfire Radio. She took her listeners on her journey of quitting her day job and people shared their stories, ideas, and encouragement.

Around the same time, Pam noticed that the financial conversations she was having with her clients of Color were very different from the ones she was having with her White clients (more on that under Frequently Thought Questions) and wanted to create a way to help POC define and create your own financial independence.

Dyalekt and Pam have spent the last several years digging and researching to truly understand the systemic economic issues unique to POC. In that time, the Brunch & Budget Podcast has formed a partnership with Prosperity Now’s Racial Wealth Divide Initiative and produces the Race & Wealth Podcast with Dedrick Asante-Muhammad.

See Change has multiple meanings for us. The definition of a sea change is a profound and notable transformation. These great profound changes do not happen with one event or one moment, they happen over generations.

Change happens incrementally, which makes it all the more important to share and celebrate changes in our personal finances so we can create a sea change in our collective capital, our public policy, and our economic system.

It’s time to take action now so we can See Change in our lifetimes.

See Change isn't just about getting your financial sh*t together (don't worry, we'll be doing a lot of that!). By learning how to take control of your finances, you can start to build personal wealth, generational wealth, and make lasting change in your communities.

Hi, we’re Pam and Dyalekt.

Pam’s a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and has been in the financial services industry since 2008 (perfect time to join, we know), and spent a lot of those years at wealth management firms (if you’re really curious where, check out her LinkedIn). She is based in Brooklyn, NY and serve clients virtually in the New York City area and across the country.

Pam runs her own financial planning business called Brunch & Budget and is constantly searching for ways to provide affordable, accessible, and high quality financial planning to as many people as possible and to the people who need it the most.

Dyalekt is an MC, Hip Hop educator, actor, and playwright. His work focuses on celebrating your own identity and finding your voice, communicating with other authentically, and building up your community. He has worked with preschoolers, high school dropouts, youth prisoners, and Yale grad students.

See Change is our latest labor of love to help fulfill our mission.

We wanted to find a way to help the average person with their finances. We also realized it’s a pretty scary thing for people to face, even though its something we have to deal with every day. We make sure to address the mental and emotional side of money while still make sure you’re taking action to move forward and take control of your financial situation.

We teach hip hop + finance workshops to kids, teens, and college students across the country through a financial literacy company called Pockets Change, cofounded by Pam and our good friend, Andrea Ferrero. You can catch us talking about money and & racial economic inclusion (and playing good music) on the Brunch & Budget Podcast and if you want to get all academical about it, you can also catch Dyalekt on the Race & Wealth Podcast with Dedrick Asante-Muhammad.